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2020, You Win!

Am I the only one who is completely waving the White Flag? I’m finding myself screaming, “You Win 2020!” I can’t do this anymore!

I remember celebrating NYE with friends at their ranch and thinking, “This year is going to be good. It has to be great”. I thought that especially after having the most horrific year last year with losing my baby sister.

Well Jan-March flew by and then COVID-19 came. This bit*h came with a vengeance. All of a sudden, the world as we knew came to a complete stop (literally). We were on lock down from March-June (in Texas) and I never thought I’d experience this in all of my years of living.

You think that while I was home every day, I would be super productive and writing all the things, right? WRONG! I wrote zero words. I found myself stuck to my Nintendo Switch playing Animal Crossing: New Horizon and Pokemon: Sword.

It’s like the creativity part of my brain was completely gone.

And then I went back to work and found out about a local online/print magazine that was starting in my local city – by a long term friend at that!

I felt my creative light bulb turn back on and here we are – October (almost November) 2020. We just held our first in person meeting for Dine 361 (that online magazine I just mentioned above) and it was so much fun. All of the sharing of the minds sparked my energy to re-start this website and my own writing again.

I’m not only involved in this magazine, but I even started a podcast for it as well. And so my love of podcasting has returned!

This blog is to let you all know (and in part, myself know) that I’m back to being creative and let’s hope 2020 ends with a good bang!

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