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Writing Is Easy..Said No One Ever!

A couple of years ago I started writing book four, Destructive Fate, and I actually thought I was finished with it. I even typed those wonderful words, “The End”.

Boy, was I wrong. When I started to edit it I was like “WTF IS THIS TRASH?” So I ended up scrapping most of it. Now, here we are in 2020, and I’m still working on book four. I can feel like I’m almost done with it (again), but in order to finish, I need to actually write.

Now that’s the part I’m struggling with. Every time I pull up my manuscript I stare at it and then automatically put it away – almost as if I’m afraid to tackle it.

I am hoping that it’ll be done by the end of the year and I’m hoping that typing this blog will hold me some what accountable for that.

Here’s to wrapping up Destructive Fate!

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