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Yeah, I had COVID-19

Ugh. Let me tell you..2021 is not starting as the bright and happy star I wanted it to be. I got a planner to schedule all my writing, podcasts, GYM, work, (Yeah I said GYM) and all this greatness was supposed to start in 2021.

And then two weeks in, I start to feel a little sick..On the 15th of January I was diagnosed with Influenza A, B AND COVID-19..all at the same damn time. I was like..okayyyyy. It hit me out of NO WHERE. That morning I was semi-fine. I recorded two podcasts for Season 2 of The Local Influencers, and then I felt I need a nap.

Hours later I wake up and realize I wasn’t feeling all that great so I went to get tested for safe measure. And yup, it wasn’t pretty.

A week later, I’m trying home remedies to beat COVID and I get hospitalized because my oxygen levels dropped…UGH..a week in the hospital and THANK GOD, here I am.

I’m ALIVE. I’m super exhausted and all I can do is lay down and walk around but I’m ALIVE. I’m excited for the rest of this year though..I want to live and get my podcast network going all while writing and finishing two books.

I want to talk about writing with this brain fog, but that’ll be for another day this week.

Have a great day and please, STAY HEALTHY!



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