I’m officially a published author!

I can’t believe it – a piece of my work (Destructive Bliss) is out for the world to read and (hopefully) enjoy!  It may not have debuted as a New York Times Best Seller, but this is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  DB is a serial novel, so I’m writing it, as it’s published (on Channillo.Com) Read more about I’m officially a published author![…]

Writing, While Living A Busy Life

Writing my book with a full time job has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  As I look back to when I started, I am happy to see that I have made tremendous progress.  There was a time period (this summer) when I didn’t get much writing done because of work and Read more about Writing, While Living A Busy Life[…]

This Past Month…

Hey everyone!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on here.  Truth is, I’ve been SO busy with my day job & writing/editing Southern Secrets. My day job is the toughest in the 3rd quarter of every year and by the time I get home I just lounge around, write and then go Read more about This Past Month…[…]