Wanna join forces?

Hey everyone!  I hope all of you, my readers (here in the U.S.), had an AWESOME holiday weekend!  I spent my weekend writing, line editing, proof reading & blogging.  Busy, I know – ha ha!  Last week I said that my project list was growing and today, I’m happy to (sort of) announce one of Read more about Wanna join forces?[…]

TV Talk Thursday!

Thursday, the day a million of my favorite television shows come on!  It’s also an evening I take a break from writing to enjoy great acting!  Tonight’s TV Line Up:  Glee because my other Thursday night shows are on a small hiatus.  Shall we talk about tonight’s episode?

*Do not click ‘read more’ if you have not watched the newest episodes of the shows listed above because there WILL be spoilers.* […]