Destructive Bliss Release Information

Hello everyone!  Thank you all for the positive feed back about Destructive Bliss.  I am so excited to be a part of the Channillo team.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and I thought I’d  share some information with you all.  Here are some FAQs I’ve received since announcing DB.

When will Destructive Bliss (DB) be released?

The first part will be released on Channillo – June 15, 2015.

Where can I buy DB?

DB is a serial novel and will be released exclusively on Channillo.  The best way I can describe it is that it works similar to a television series.  A new chapter will be uploaded on a weekly basis, until the end of the novel (a long time from now 😉 )

How do I sign up to read your book?

You can click HERE and choose your subscription plan.  If you only want to subscribe to Destructive Bliss, it will ONLY cost you $2.59/mo.  If you love reading (like I do) I suggest you sign up for one of the other packages so you can enjoy some great work by other authors.  After buying your plan, you’ll search for Destructive Bliss and then click “Subscribe”.  Pretty simple, huh?

Now, some FAQ about Channillo (can be found HERE) or reading below:

For Members:

How does purchasing a membership help support writers?

Channillo distributes 80% of revenue (after payment processing fees) to the writers. The amount each individual series earns is determined by the number of Channillo members subscribed to that series. Each time you subscribe to a series you are directly supporting the writer of that series. Note: Instead of receiving payments, a few writers choose to have their earnings donated directly to of their charity of their choice.

What if I subscribe to a series and then decide I don’t like it? Can I choose another series instead?

Yes, members are allowed to unsubscribe from a series at any time. However, if you unsubscribe from a series you must wait 90 days before you are allowed to resubscribe to that series.

When will my card be charged?

When you sign up for a Channillo membership, your card will be charged the monthly fee immediately, and then once each month unless you cancel or change your membership status. You can cancel your Channillo membership at any time.

Does Channillo offer refunds?

No refunds are given. However, if you are unsatisfied with your membership or a specific series for any reason, we’d love to hear your feedback. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Can other users see what series I’m subscribed to?

No, unless you are a writer and choose to display this information on your series page, no one else can view your series subscriptions.

Again, thank you all for your words of encouragement and support.  You can view the Destructive Bliss page on Channillo, HERE!.