Happy Holidays!

That’s right – the Holidays have fast approached and if you’re like me and work retail (day job), you know that this is a double edged blade. I loved the holidays because of the food, family and fun but working in retail proves that this season sometimes brings out the worst in people (a.k.a. shoppers).

While my day job begins to take over my life, my writing life tends to slow down at this time of the year. I am hoping to change that this year, though. I want to be just as productive now as I have been through the beginning of the year. I’ve published two books this year and hope to publish at least one more by the years end.

Destructive Fate (Destructive Series: Book Two) has been a little challenging for me. The beginning and the ends are what I have done but the middle is the tricky part. I’m shooting for a December release but we shall see how that goes.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. Please, treat retail workers with respect. They’re all out doing their part to make your holiday season that much more fun.

Until next time,