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Southern Secrets Trilogy

Southern Secrets: Book One

Mason Fitzgerald is your average teenage boy. Until recently, his life has been fairly mundane: He’s about to start his sophomore year of high school, hangs out with his best friend, and just went through his first break up.

All of these things seem normal but what Mason doesn’t know, is that the nightmare he’s had throughout his life is about to become more than just a bad dream. Humans, or mundanes, are not the only life form in this realm.

Will Mason be able to accept that the people, or creatures, closest to him have the deadliest secrets to keep? What will Mason do when he realizes that the scary stories he’s grown up with are based on “real life” creatures in his small, southern town?

Southern Betrayal : Book Two

Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

Mason Fitzgerald recently discovered a world hidden within our own that was filled with Fae, Sheers, Vampires and Werewolves.

While his friends and family help him search for the person responsible for his parent’s deaths, he discovers that someone he thought he could trust has been working against him the entire time. He’s lost some of his allies, but has gained some unlikely new ones.

Will Mason be able to avenge his parent’s deaths, or will he lose everything and everyone he loves?

Southern Redemption: Book 3 Coming Soon!

Destructive Series

Destructive Bliss: Book 1

A fairy girl forced to choose: light or dark, her future or her past?

Aria was born into a light family and until she met him, she was positive she’d stay with them. If she chooses to stay light, she’ll never be able to be with the boy she loves. If she chooses to go dark, she’ll be cut off and exiled from the light fae’s community — losing her relationship with her parents and siblings.

In the world of the fae, there’s an order to things. There are light fae and there are dark fae. It’s been that way as long as any one can remember — at least, that’s what Aria Whitelace has been told. Her 16th birthday is fast approaching and to the fae, that means it’s almost time for her reckoning.

On every fae’s 16th birthday, they’re forced to choose in between going dark or going light. Once a decision has been made, their powers are fully intact and their true nature comes forth.

When she is forced to choose between her family and her future, what will she choose?