My Self Publishing Experience – A bit of a doozy


My book, Southern Secrets, is officially available for pre-order (click HERE to see where you can get it) and it has not been an easy task.  Prior to even writing my book I did a lot of research on the self publishing process and I thought I was ready for my book launch.  Boy, was I wrong.  I’ve made so many mistakes & it’s been a bit of a headache.  Luckily, there are still a few months until the book is released so all of the kinks will be worked out by then.  I thought I’d cover a couple of my troubles with you all.

1.) Picking a POD (Print On Demand) service

Okay, so as you may (or may not know) there are a million different ways you can get your books self published.  I knew that if I wanted to get my book onto as many distribution channels as possible, I’d have to set up accounts with numerous websites.  Little did I know that I’d need different ISBN’s for almost EVERY, SINGLE channel.  It has driven me mad.  I had to upload my book to both Lulu and CreateSpace.  CreateSpace is an Amazon company so it uploads almost automatically and will always show “in stock”.  However, most brick and mortar stores will not place orders for your book via CS because they do not accept returns.  So there I go, signing up for Lulu.

2.) Lulu + Me = A disastrous couple

I am not too fond of Lulu’s set up process partly because they make you order and pay for a proof copy while CS allows you to digitally proof your book, for free.  Lulu’s copy of my book had the exact same quality as the CS format (from what I could tell) and yet they charged me almost $3.00 more per book.  The upside to Lulu is that they distribute to brick and mortar stores AND accept returns.  (This is needed to ever get my book into a Barnes & Noble store – every author’s dream, right?)

If you’re a self publisher, what troubles have you had in the past?


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