Entrepreneur & Author Workload Planning

entrepreneur , author, workload planningBeing an Author and an Entrepreneur can be quite the task.  For the past few months I’ve been creating a “workload calendar” that has proven to help me become more productive.  I schedule my projects by the day.  For example, this month (October) I’ll be wrapping up my novel, Destructive Bliss.  I will also continue to work on Southern Secrets Book Two (SS2).  Not only am I scheduling my writing, but I’m also scheduling time for me to work on my other projects.

Q4 of 2015 will be a busy one for me.  Not only am I releasing Southern Secrets: Book One, maintaining my demanding day job, and writing DB, but I am also working on releasing a podcast blog (parabatai.com), launching AOIV Publishing.Com and the AOIV Network.

Whew, I know.  Being an Indie Author has taught me to treat my writing as a business.  I’m not just an author or entrepreneur, I’m an authorpreneur.  In Q1 of 2016, I will be doing a “full court press”.  I’ll be announcing 3 more books that I have in the pipeline (one of them being the official title of SS2).  One thing I have learned to do is to take “weekends off”.  I do not assign myself tasks on Saturdays (I work in retail, so that’s my busy day) and on Sunday my tasks are more admin orientated (creating my newsletter, blog posts, etc).

Because I’ve got so much on my plate, following a schedule is really important.  SS2 has a first draft deadline for December 2015 as I am hoping to have it released by March 2016.  I know many of you have a super busy schedule and I’d like to know, what type of tools do you use to help make your life more efficient?

Cheers to you, my fellow dream chasers, entrepreneur and authors!