Q1 of 2016

As I type this, I can’t believe that the first quarter of 2016 is past us all! I am extremely happy with some of the things that I did in Q1, however I did plan on getting more done -_-

With that being said, I’m happy that I was able to release Destructive Bliss, the Shadowhunters Podcast and start the Young Adult Author Show. The YAAS show is not live yet, but the website is up and running and that was a lot to do (especially in the last week of the quarter, lol).

One thing that I wanted to finish this quarter was the second book of the Southern Secrets Trilogy (Southern Betrayal). I didn’t quite get to it but I do plan on finishing this month and publishing it this quarter (before the end of June).

A lot is in the works for this quarter of the year and as I dive into it with a positive attitude, I wish you all an amazing second quarter of 2016!