Southern Secrets Release Date & Other Cool Things..

Hiyyyya!  Hope you all had an amazing weekend!  Last week was INSANE for me but the weekend was pretty relaxed.  I’m beyond ecstatic as I type this post so let’s get to the real reason you’re here.

I started my journey with Southern Secrets three years ago and today I’m happy to tell you that Southern Secrets (book one) will be released on November 3, 2015 via Amazon (kindle and print), Kobo, iTunes (iBooks), and Barnes & Noble.  Pre-order will be available soon, although it won’t be available through all of the channels listed above.

I’ve still got lots of work to do before release day (cover, final edit, formatting, etc.) but I know November 3rd is going to be the best day of my life!

Sharing a world that I’ve created and lived in (alone) for the past three years is very scary, but I’m hoping you all will love Mason and the gang just as much as I have.

I’m in the process of writing SS book two and have a deadline set for November 30th.  I’m hoping to have book two out by the Spring of 2016.

When I first started writing I was afraid to tell anyone about it, a bit ashamed.  And as the world I was creating started to unfold the excitement started to spark.  I’ve got the natural entrepreneurial spirit so any ideas I spit out are usually looked at like, “Okay Abel, calm down”.  I can not express the feeling I have knowing that my work, my crazy thoughts are becoming VERY REAL.

My other project, Destructive Bliss (still number one on Channillo), made me believe in myself more.  I am an author.  I am a published author.  No one will ever be able to take that away from me.

Thank you all for reading this long, sappy post but I’m SO excited that in a matter of months, I’ll be able to welcome you to Midway, Texas.  The home and hang out for Mason Connor Fitzgerald and his crazy friends.

In the coming weeks I’ll begin the interview process for audio narrators and then will soon announce the Audio version of SS’ release date.

I hope you all have AN AMAZING week!

Until next time,



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