HUGE Southern Secrets News!

Hiya!  Hope you have all been well.  I’ve been super busy with my day job, house work and writing Southern Secrets.  Today, I have some HUGE news to share with you all.  (It’s been a while, I know, but I just wanted to focus on my writing with out distractions.) So, are you ready for Read more about HUGE Southern Secrets News![…]

A First Look At Southern Secrets

The time has finally arrived!  I’d like to welcome you all to the world I have been lucky enough to live in for the past few months.  It is the world I have come to learn and love and I call it Southern Secrets. In the next few weeks I’ll randomly be introducing you all Read more about A First Look At Southern Secrets[…]

Organizing Chapters Can Be Frustrating

I’m in the process of writing my first book and I never would have thought organizing my chapters would end up being so frustrating.  I’m not really the “outline” type of guy because I just write what I’m feeling/thinking at the moment and then go back to organize it. I want to know if any Read more about Organizing Chapters Can Be Frustrating[…]

Sharing Your First Book Can Be Stressful!

After six or seven different drafts, I am finally happy with the first complete chapter of my book.  After putting tons of work in it, I can’t believe it’s time for me to actually share it with someone for some feedback. Fellow writers, when you shared your first ‘big project’ with someone, how did you all Read more about Sharing Your First Book Can Be Stressful![…]