Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way

I’ve been busy rearranging & organizing my book this month and now when I go back to continue where I left off with my writing, I feel like I am stuck. I get to the computer, pull up my story and then kind of just ‘black out’.  I’m in love with the story line, but Read more about Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way[…]

A Little Help With Writing

  When I decided to start writing Southern Secrets, I did tons of research to improve my writing skills.  One book I purchased was “The Magic of Writing” by Linda S Falkner.  I have yet to finish the book, however because of the tremendous impact it has already had on me, I have decided to Read more about A Little Help With Writing[…]

My Writing Isn’t Perfect

As a new writer I’m consistently learning new techniques to improve my work.  I’ve been on many forums and I’ve seen some hateful comments some writers make towards others work, and quite frankly, that scares the crap out of me. I do not have a college degree, however I know I love writing.  Hell, I’m Read more about My Writing Isn’t Perfect[…]

Keeping My Story On A Natural Flow

Last night I was having a bit of trouble writing Southern Secrets. I knew everything I wanted to say, but I couldn’t get the words or “story” to flow correctly. I really hate reading books that go from one topic to a completely different topic. I am still trying to figure out how to get Read more about Keeping My Story On A Natural Flow[…]

Limiting My ‘Main’ Characters

As I’m writing Southern Secrets I’ve learned that even though I may love every character I have come up with, I know that I can not allow each of them to be a ‘main character’. I’m struggling with how many ‘details’ I should share with each of my ‘minor characters’.  I already know the story Read more about Limiting My ‘Main’ Characters[…]

Writing With A Full Time Job

I am a writer, blogger, student, etc and I have a ‘day job’ that takes 50+ hours of my time.  If you’re like me, you know the pain I am feeling right about now.   I’m learning how to manage my schedule and it’s not an easy thing. I’m writing my first book and because I Read more about Writing With A Full Time Job[…]

Just Keep Writing

Before I sat myself down and started to write Southern Secrets, I was always afraid to start a book because of the dreadful “writer’s block”.  Every time I tried to write, I never knew exactly where to start my story. I got some tips from some great writers online and I have found that forcing Read more about Just Keep Writing[…]

Writers + Social Media

Before I started writing Southern Secrets, I did quite a bit of research about how to become successful in this field.  As I have said before, I know building a platform is  very important but for many writers, social media just isn’t something they actually care for. I use social media in my personal life Read more about Writers + Social Media[…]