Writing A Synopsis

As I get closer to finishing my book, I’ve decided to start writing my book synopsis.  I didn’t realize that summarizing my book would be more difficult than actually writing it. Do any of my fellow writers have this problem?  If so, are there any tips you could share with me / my readers? All Read more about Writing A Synopsis[…]

Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way

I’ve been busy rearranging & organizing my book this month and now when I go back to continue where I left off with my writing, I feel like I am stuck. I get to the computer, pull up my story and then kind of just ‘black out’.  I’m in love with the story line, but Read more about Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way[…]

Another Southern Secrets Update

This past week I got some amazing writing done.  I haven’t been able to post my helpful writing tips blog, but I’ll definitely get it up this week. I’m in the middle of Southern Secrets and it’s starting to get pretty serious/dark.  I’m having a hard time separating my personal feelings aside from my story Read more about Another Southern Secrets Update[…]