Writing A Synopsis

As I get closer to finishing my book, I’ve decided to start writing my book synopsis.  I didn’t realize that summarizing my book would be more difficult than actually writing it. Do any of my fellow writers have this problem?  If so, are there any tips you could share with me / my readers? All Read more about Writing A Synopsis[…]

Telling My Family/Friends I’m Writing A Book…

When I started writing my book about a year ago, I was kind of shy and scared to let anyone know.  I wasn’t sure if I could do it or if I would really want to do it. A few of my friends/family members know I’m writing a book and a few reactions I constantly Read more about Telling My Family/Friends I’m Writing A Book…[…]

A Little Help With Writing

  When I decided to start writing Southern Secrets, I did tons of research to improve my writing skills.  One book I purchased was “The Magic of Writing” by Linda S Falkner.  I have yet to finish the book, however because of the tremendous impact it has already had on me, I have decided to Read more about A Little Help With Writing[…]

Struck Writing Gold!

Yesterday I turned off my phone, turned on some piano solos & just sat down to write.  I’m happy to report that some ‘amazingness’ happened, ha-ha! Needless to say, I finally struck gold!  I added over 4,000 words to Southern Secrets and I am pretty happy that it’s finally becoming a solid book.   I Read more about Struck Writing Gold![…]

Organizing Your Chapters

As I continue writing my first book, Southern Secrets, I find myself worrying about where to end one chapter  and begin another.  I have broken the first chapter apart from the rest of my book, but now I’m struggling to make sure the following chapters flow with out a hitch. I have decided that from Read more about Organizing Your Chapters[…]

Your Writing Space Is Important!

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As I continue this journey of writing my first book and keeping my blog up to date, I have finally realized how important it really is to have your very own “writing space”.  Before I started the site I did tons of research for ideas, tips and tricks, etc. and every where I read it said you must find an area where you can just be “free from the world”.  […]