Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way

I’ve been busy rearranging & organizing my book this month and now when I go back to continue where I left off with my writing, I feel like I am stuck. I get to the computer, pull up my story and then kind of just ‘black out’.  I’m in love with the story line, but Read more about Stuck – – A Little Past Half Way[…]

After a 3 Hour Skype Meeting…

So an editor I teamed up with and I were on a Skype meeting for 3 hours yesterday and we went through every single word I’ve written on Southern Secrets. I got a lot of positive feedback from her (Thx for that Sarah!) and a lot of tips to improve the second half of my Read more about After a 3 Hour Skype Meeting…[…]

Southern Secrets Editing Update

I’m pretty excited!  Next week I have a Skype meeting with my editor and we’ll be going threw page by page of Southern Secrets together.  I’m so nervous for this next step in my writing process to happen, but I know it’s going to make me a better writer in the long run. After my Read more about Southern Secrets Editing Update[…]

It’s finally happening!

I’ve been MIA from this website, social media and quite frankly my social life because I’ve been working hard on Southern Secrets.  I’m finally happy with the first half of the book and I’ve made an arrangements with an editor to start the first of many proof reads. Sharing the book and characters I’ve put Read more about It’s finally happening![…]

This Past Month…

Hey everyone!  It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on here.  Truth is, I’ve been SO busy with my day job & writing/editing Southern Secrets. My day job is the toughest in the 3rd quarter of every year and by the time I get home I just lounge around, write and then go Read more about This Past Month…[…]

Southern Secrets Update

Hey everyone. It’s been a bit since I’ve updated you all with Southern Secrets.  Since I’ve been back from vacation, I haven’t had much down time to write, but I’ll be doing some major buckling down this week and continue to write my great story. After the death of one of my characters, I found Read more about Southern Secrets Update[…]

This Week’s Writing

This week was my first week back to my day job since vacation and boy was it busy!  I didn’t really have any time at all this week to do writing, and I’m feeling like I’m 6968276873 years behind.  Two weeks with out doing much writing?  Got dangit! This week is a holiday week in Read more about This Week’s Writing[…]

Introducing you to…

Because I’m officially back from vacation, I’d like to gift you all with one more of my favorite characters from Southern Secrets.  Her name is Layla Wrightpress.  Layla just moved to Midway from Dallas and immediately is not happy with Casey’s “I’m the queen bee attitude”.  […]

Another Southern Secrets Update

This past week I got some amazing writing done.  I haven’t been able to post my helpful writing tips blog, but I’ll definitely get it up this week. I’m in the middle of Southern Secrets and it’s starting to get pretty serious/dark.  I’m having a hard time separating my personal feelings aside from my story Read more about Another Southern Secrets Update[…]