Hey there, stranger!

Hey everyone, how’s life treating you all?  I hope well!  I have been M.I.A. from the website for a couple of months now and for good reason.  I have been writing like crazy and things are starting to really come full circle. I’m trying to finish my first book by November and I’m hoping to Read more about Hey there, stranger![…]

It’s finally happening!

I’ve been MIA from this website, social media and quite frankly my social life because I’ve been working hard on Southern Secrets.  I’m finally happy with the first half of the book and I’ve made an arrangements with an editor to start the first of many proof reads. Sharing the book and characters I’ve put Read more about It’s finally happening![…]

Writer’s Forums

Last night I joined my first Writer’s forum.  It is pretty exciting to log on and talk with so many wonderful people with the same thing in common.  I browsed quite a few posts and loved the feedback everyone was giving each other.  If everyone could be as helpful and thoughtful as the people on this board, I think we could all become very successful! […]