Writing, While Living A Busy Life

Writing my book with a full time job has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  As I look back to when I started, I am happy to see that I have made tremendous progress.  There was a time period (this summer) when I didn’t get much writing done because of work and vacations, but I have really buckled down over the past few months.  Because I have decided to self publish my first book, I have given myself “deadlines”.  I told myself that my first draft would be due by the end of January.  I’m happy to report that I’m on track to meet that goal.  I have been averaging about 1,000 + words a night and it’s been great.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to pull from my personal life/feelings for my writing.  Although my characters and their surroundings are a fairy tale, I am able to convey all of my love, hurt and life into them.

I remember the first time I killed off a character.  I came home, pissed off at the world.  I really had “one of those days”.  I turned on some rock / alternative music and just went to town.  On the other side of things, I’ve noticed that my love life has also made its way into Southern Secrets.  After a great night out with friends, I came home and wrote almost 2,000 words for a new couple in my book.  It has really blossomed into this monster that I’m addicted to.  I go to sleep thinking about my characters and the lives they’re living (in my head… for now, lol).

Writing doesn’t pay the bills (someday it hopefully will), but I’m happy that I’m able to keep up with my writing even though my work/personal life is very demanding.  To my fellow writers, keep up the good fight.  One day, all of our hard work/sacrifices will pay off.